Trinity invest in the continued development of our team members and reward their hard work and dedication, now we can ‘Invest’ in your teams to!

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that will help you manage your individual, or teams, learning and growth potential. Trinity’s suite of CPD’s offer a broad spectrum of subjects and we believe the benefits that Continuing Professional Development can bring to you, and your team, should be wholly embraced.

CPD is an investment that you make in yourself and/or your team. It’s a way of planning your individual, or team, development that directly links learning to future career paths. CPD’s can help you keep your skills and knowledge up to date and ultimately prepare you for greater responsibilities. In additions CPD’s can boost confidence, strengthen professional credibility and help you and/or your team become more creative in tackling new challenges.

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Gent by Honeywell - Playing with Fire

Gent by Honeywell - False Alarms, be Gone

Gent by Honeywell - Aspirating Smoke Detection

Gent by Honeywell - Breaking the Code

Gent by Honeywell - Central Battery Systems

Gent by Honeywell - Comply Stay Alive

Gent by Honeywell - Don't be Alarmed

Gent by Honeywell - EN54-23 Made Easy

Gent by Honeywell - Fire! What Fire

Gent by Honeywell - Open Closed Confused

Gent by Honeywell - Protect Your Investment

Gent by Honeywell - Raising the Standards

Gent by Honeywell - Shut that Door

Gent by Honeywell - Watching the Detectors

Notifier by Honeywell - An Overview of British Standards 5839 Part 1

Notifier by Honeywell - An Overview of BS7273 Part 4 Actuation of Release Mechanisms for doors

Notifier by Honeywell - Central Battery Systems – Application & Design of Central Power Supply Systems

Notifier by Honeywell - Understanding the Cost of fire

Notifier by Honeywell - DesignersS’ Guide to Fire Alarm Systems

Notifier by Honeywell - Detector Selection and False Alarm Prevention

Notifier by Honeywell - An Overview of Emergency Voice ommunications Systems

Notifier by Honeywell - Understanding Fire Legislation

Notifier by Honeywell - A Guide to Service and Maintenance

Notifier by Honeywell - Optimising Early Stage Smoke Detection

Notifier by Honeywell - Fire System Protocol – What does it really mean?

Notifier by Honeywell - Demystifying the Design and use of Voice Alarm/PA Systems

Hochiki - Emergency Lighting Standards & Design Considerations

Hochiki - False Alarm Reduction in Detection Systems

Hochiki - Understanding the Selection, Spacing and Siting of Detectors

Hochiki - Hybrid Wireless Fire Detection - The Standards & Technologies

Hochiki - Understanding EN54-23 Visual Alarm Devices

Baldwin Boxall - Introducing Emergency Voice Communication

Nedap - Wired or Not Wired

Nedap - How to design flexibility and efficiency into security specifications

Nedap - Securing the Security System

Nedap - Usability and Security

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